ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

toronto soon!

Hmm.. I'm really behind on my LJ-ing. The ritual was I would get to work, go to scrum meeting, and then update my LJ.

Anyways, I had a small gathering of folks at my house on Friday. About 20 people and it was a good amount for an intimate birthday party. Andy grilled some meat, and Beth made me a delicious cake :)

Saturday: second shot a western/indian wedding at a posh country club.

On Sunday Andy and I went to Houston because I had to get some paperwork done. Andy's parents live there and his father's penpal from Germany was there. Apparently his dad signed up at a world expo, and the german friend, Hans, signed up at Berlin, and they matched them because of their love of Willie Nelson. Andy's parents visited them in Germany and now they're touring the US. I love serendipitious things like that.

Next week I'm going to Toronto for a photography workshop and staying with __bin , someone I met through the LJ weddingplans community. We have never met, but we stayed friends after wedding planning because she's a photographer and she loves doctor who. I think it's strange, the age of internet friendship.

Recently we housed some folks from the flickr photo group, and they were pretty sweet and awesome. Maybe the majority of humans are good people. It's just that the dickheads are louder.

I'm packing my cubicle today.
Tags: family, friends, travel
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