ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

non-stop weekend

It's been a pretty crazy weekend so far. I quit on friday. My manager gave me a $15 itunes gift card and a little note. My friend Pinon held a last minute luncheon for me since my manager didn't organize one. It was great, and Andy had showed up, surprising me!

Then the German penpals were in Austin, so we took them to threadgill's and also The Broken Spoke (a country western dance club). Andy and I danced.

Saturday I got hair extensions put in. Purple! I wanted a physical manifestation of me quitting my job. But I do think it's way too subtle. I wish there was more purple. Maybe I should've gone with Hot Pink instead.

Then we ate Franklin's bbq with family and the Germans at a park. And then Andy and I went to a birthday party where we were assigned characters, roles, and goals. It was a 3 hour live action game in an alien space station. That was fun though I got a pretty frustatingly useless character.

Then I went to see Ballet Austin's the Magic Flute, a friend had an extra ticket and took me along.

Today I have a meeting about a photography/choreography collaboration and I'm doing a comic book themed engagement session.

And tomorrow I fly to Toronto.
Tags: work
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