ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

O, Canada!

O, Canada!, originally uploaded by dancingnadine.

The kitkat here is different.
It's strange that Canada is so close but it's a completely different country. Like I can't use my iPhone 3G or I will get charged $15 per MB.

The squirrels are black. And the money has the Queen. Gas is 1.31 (but in litres)

I'm staying with my LJ friend, and her house is so pretty and it's green and cold here.

The flight wasn't bad at all. Dinner was at a pub called Betty's.

The next two days I will be in the photo workshop intensely and then after I will have a chance to tour more.

Going thru withdrawal from my iPhone where I only have Internet when there is free wifi.

It's cold here! It was high nineties in Texas.

Tags: canada, vacation
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