ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Too much food! We went to eat vietnamese sandwiches and asian baked goods for lunch and then I had dinner at a French restaurant called The Jam Cafe. The dinner was a treat from this couple, a 44 yr old man and a 56 yr old woman who just got married. I met the woman at ballet Austin and he contacted her on facebook after 17 years of not talking to each other and now they are married! My going away gift for her was a couple's portrait session and I hope they love it.

Anyways I did meet a cat I love in their house: a breed called the Korat. I've never met one before and her name was Pandora and she was amazingly cute. She was even more vocal then Uchi, constantly making grumpy chirping noises and was so expressive. I want one!!!

The iPhone FaceTime app has been amazing to talk to Andy with. It lets me see Uchi and Andy and also the beginning of frown lines in my forehead. I told Andy that the new Nadine doesn't frown. Self-improvement through vanity!
Tags: body, canada, vacation
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