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Month of May

May is moving so slowly! I think time slows down when you don't have a day job. I started this month working at Dell, and I'm still adjusting to my new schedule.

One thing I'm struggling with is my inclination to focus on negative stuff. It got pretty bad lately. I had clients that loved my work, posted my slideshow on facebook and lots of nice things were said, like "Best wedding photos!" "Made me cry again", and instead I spent that day being upset about something. I don't even remember what now.

If 99 things happen that are great and 1 bad thing happen, I devote most of my mental energy on the bad thing. This has to stop.

Last weekend I shot a wedding and man a photobooth. Oh, manning the photobooth was $100 for 4 hours, and I also did 30 minute game testing for Zynga for $75.

Basically, I'm very easily bribable now. I don't actively look for gigs, but if they find me, I don't say no to easy money.

I went to a bbq and poker game last night. I didn't want to gamble money since I just paid $45 for an iPhone case and $31 for pet supplies, and so Andy gave me $10 to gamble. So I played that money and turned it into $26! It was so fun. I gave Andy $11 and I got $15!

Actually counting money is kinda fun. I think I have always been cheap in some ways. Now I've a good reason to be cheap.

Also went to Burning Flipside this weekend. Enjoyed recharging with the hippies. The burn was the most beautiful I've seen, including at Burning Man. It was an arch-shape, and I wasn't super impressed with it when I first saw it. But then it burned amazingly. The flames went inside and then out, and it looked like a Stargate. It was insane. The fireworks were insane.

The effigy was gigantic, as usual. There was a slide? I didn't get to get on it. From Steve Hopson:


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May. 31st, 2011 04:44 pm (UTC)
Those are utterly gorgeous pictures.
May. 31st, 2011 06:59 pm (UTC)
It's really hard to not focus on negative things.. Especially when it's related to your creativity. But it's also really important to try to focus on the positives! If you don't you will make yourself miserable. :/ It's something that I've always had trouble with, but I think that I've been getting better.

Those are really cool photos.

Jun. 1st, 2011 08:21 am (UTC)
It's human nature to overfocus on the negatives. Not just personal stuff, but people do the same thing financially -- even when they can afford the risk.

Let people pick between one investment that will certainly yield 5% interest, and another that on the average will yield 20% - but that has a 5% chance of losing 50%.

Most will pick the first option, allthough the expected return there is 5% whereas the other option averages 16.5% so is really the MUCH superior option. They worry over the 5% chance of losing 50% -- but 'forget' to worry about the 95% chance that the first option loses them 15%.

Yay for recharging with hippies - we visited the kite-festival this weekend with the kids, and it was a total blast. Lots of hippies, even more kites. Must've been more than 1000 of them in the air at that beach.
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