ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Cornell reunion

Cornell reunion, originally uploaded by dancingnadine.

Our travel day yesterday was pretty crazy. It was my first time flying from an airport and then turning back and flying back into the same airport. Then we kept getting delayed until I said fuck it and we got into a rental with a bunch of other reunion folks and drove 4 hours to Ithaca, NY.

On the way there we got a call from continental saying that I have been rebooked to a flight on Saturday (2 days later).

After finally arriving in Ithaca, it has been non-stop fun. Lots of free beer and food. And we went to a talk by a billionaire who gave most of his money away. Ate in the best Thai restaurant I have ever been. Canoed. And Andy went ziplining.

It's sad to not be the youngest class anymore. The class of 2006 is definitely bigger and more young and rowdy.

There is one alumni from the class of 1931. I think that makes her 102 years old.

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