ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

sca dance

knowne world dance was a lot of fun, i didn't take many classes though. during the day, it was mostly sitting around with friends that i've known for a decade now, and catching up with their lives, and then night time was the ball and lots of dancing.

going to that event made me miss the sca, and the sense of community that came with it. when i first moved to austin, i went to an indonesian church, and joined the sca group here, and had two immediate communities. i feel like right now, i don't really have a community. i'm on the fringe of the improv community as andy's wife, and i guess there's an austin photographer community but i maybe hang out with them big groups once or twice a month. and i've a small group of ballet austin friends.

it makes me wonder if i should rejoin the SCA.

or maybe i'm still in the hunt for my people. where are you? my people?
Tags: friends
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