ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Today I met with immlass to talk about doing portraits for her, and then I had another client meeting for a 2012 wedding. We bonded and I felt really good about it, but then she asked for my references. Which was the first time ever that I was asked for references. I sent her the email of 2 past brides. Hopefully they say nice things.

The current dresses of anthropologie is not impressive.

Speaking of anthropologie, I've been frugal in funny ways. For example, I've been selling my books on, and not having boxes for them, so I cut up big boxes to make small boxes. And tape them myself. It's actually quite a bit of time for $4. But I enjoy doing it for some odd reason.

I still eat out a lot, but the difference is I'm more aware of happy hours and 1/2 price off appetizers. (East Side Showroom, Parkside, Backspace, La Sombre, Uchiko!)
Tags: dining, money
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