ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Ah, I'm slacking of on livejournal updates, which means I'm slacking of on journaling.

Other forms of social media are so short, small, and shiny and ridiculous.

Let's see, I'm finished with my photography shooting for a while. 2nd shot a stressful wedding on Saturday, shot a 4 hour engagement session yesterday, and then did a wonderful bridal session today.

Outdoor sessions in July and August are just ridiculously painful in the 100 degree heat.

Andy's sister is in Alaska right now, and she keeps sending us postcards about the weather. I told Andy we're going to Alaska next summer.

It's so HOT!

Mostly, life is pretty chill and good. I downloaded a new iphone game called shadow cities after a rave review on NYTimes, and we've been watching True Blood which is actually soft porn, actually kinky porn. The story line is kinda ridiculous, but fun. I've read most of the series and it seems to veer off on it's own.
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