ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Ah, hello journal. I've been neglectful.

So today was one of my better business days. I woke up to 1 inquiry, 1 "I would looooooove to book you", 1 submission for a feature on weddingchicks. This is good, since I raised my prices in June. Basically I dropped my lowest package and start at 2500 for 7 hours.
So it's my third attempt to break the 2k mark. I was starting at 1900.  Inquiries were slow in July so I was freaking out over the price increase. But I'm holding to the new pricing, and I think it will be okay. 2500 is still average in Austin. The more established photographers are at 3000-3800 right now. I know you think 2500, so much! But that includes a second photographer that I have to pay as well, and then a third goes to taxes.

Basically I did the math, and 2500 is the minimum that I need to be able to hire second shooters, pay taxes, pay for gear, advertising and expenses, and it leaves me about 30k a year for mortgage and other expenses. And I'm still taking mini weddings that are shorter and cheaper for less popular dates. Hopefully I make more decent money next year.

Anyways, since July was slow compared to other months, I've been rather frugal. I had a girl date at Vino Vino and instead I made sure to eat dinner at home, and just ordered a dessert while I was there for $8.

Also on Saturday I fly to Richmond, and I'm staying in the hotel for 10 days while I'm there, and that's going to be expensive.

Otherwise, life is good. The giving up a steady paycheck for working from home was a glorious trade. I can wake up when I want, and work when I want. I like being home, and in my underwear right now.
Tags: money, work
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