ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Dance camp week 1

 Week 1 was actually really good and had less pressure then my previous dance camp. Partly  because I flew in late so could skip the placement class. And also because it was a new group of people and I didn't have old drama, or the need/desire to please people.

The repertory was the most fun repertory I've done. It was the can can from Gaite Parisienne, and old ballet russe dance. And it had cartwheels, and the heel in hand while jumping around in a circle, and splits. It was crazy. After the piece was over I was  breathing really hard and my heart is beating rapidly.

The group was also unexpectedly nice and friendly... there were some talk about this camp being more competitive but it was actually really friendly and nice. There was kareoke night which was a blast.

I made two new friends, Marlene and Arisa and I really like them. And they both did multiple camps this year too, and are both here this week.

I'm having fatigue issues though. My feet are tireder much faster, which makes it hard to sustain demi-pointe. And the variation this week has a lot of bourrees.

The intense exercise is awesome. And it's re-igniting my love for ballet. And reminds me how much I love, love dance.
Tags: ballet, dance, dancecamp, richmond, vacation
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