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ballet austin fete party

So Ballet Austin throws this big fancy party every year, and I thought I was going to miss this year's, since the tickets were 125 and I am trying to save money. But then I got invited by Ed, a company dancer, to go as his guest. Yay!

It was so fabulous. It was at the W hotel, and there were free food and an open bar. I got pretty drunk on Grey Goose pear vodka. There was a french jazz singer, and a milkshake bar!

Then the DJ put on music and I danced with the company members who crack me up. People were being so funny and silly. At one point, a dancer picked up a foam board, and started to do interpretive dancing, like being a bullfighter, etc, and people were cracking up, until a man in a black suit, yanked the board out of the dancer and put it back next to the artpiece it belonged to.

It was so nice to just dance like crazy, and to be surrounded by people who dance like crazy with you. But also to randomly see amazing dance moves, because after all, these are the best dancers in Austin. At one point, the music had a tango beat, and I started to fake tango dance, and another company dancer who doesn't do ballroom starts to fake tango with me, and another dancer, and then I had two delicious yummy dancers fighting for me, and there was this really low dip, which I just went for, and trusted that he wouldn't drop me, even though I weigh a lot more than a 90 lb ballerina. He didn't drop me. And the trust was actually really delicious and awesome. It was the best moment of the night.

I love dancing so much!

If I love dancing so much, why don't I do it more often? I don't know! I've definitely given myself a little break because I injured my knee from two weeks of back to back dance camp (never again!) and so I've been taking glucasomine, MSM and chondritin to help it heal. Most of the pain is gone now. And I think it's time to go back to class.
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