ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Hello world!

I was happy yesterday. It's so nice to not have a corporate day job. And I feel I get to enjoy it since I spent 10 years of my life working in the same gray building and taking stupid ethics and compliance course and answering stupid questions like: Is it bad to look at porn at work? Is joking about a person's gender at work okay?

And going to stupid SCRUM meeting every day at 10 am. Gah. I hate you AGILE. You are only good for upper management.

Not that wedding photography isn't stressful. It's hard, and there are difficult people to work with. But I get moments of being amazed and awed that I'm here, watching two people crazy in love with each other and being surrounded by so much love.

And cake. I get cake.

Last night I did a photo shoot for Voice dance company's show at Mercury Hall that involved dancers dripping chocolate. I wish there was more chocolate but I guess it was expensive.

Then I talked to another dance photographer and we geeked out for quite a bit. He volunteered to do a promo video for me, which is great, though I'm kinda weird about being on video.

Bookings have been slow in September, I've lost several consults where I think my price was a factor. It is a little annoying because I send the pricelist ahead of time, so they knew what they were walking into. Ah well.

Wedding season is in full swing. I had some open gaps in October but I'm second shooting for people.
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