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So I generally hire second shooters for my weddings, and it's actually the first time that I really have someone directly accountable to me, and doing work for me. Not both of us being paid by a giant corporation.

And apparently I do have high expectations. And I'm learning how to better communicate when people mess up in a gig. It turns out, that despite my reputation for bluntness, I actually don't like confrontations where I am telling people that I don't like aspects of their work. And so it's easier for me to just not hire them again.

But this week I did have two conversations where I told two of my seconds what they did that bothered me, and both apologized and seemed really sincere about it. I was afraid that they were going to be defensive and it will strain our relationships, but it actually went really well.

So now I think I will just be better about giving feedback, instead of being resentful and not hiring people back.

It's also teaching me that just because someone has one or two flaws that irritate me, I shouldn't write people off.

I write people off too easily. I'm not perfect either, and several friendships are worth overlooking those flaws for.

I'm shooting an 8 hour wedding today. October is high season and I'll be shooting weddings every Saturday till Nov 12.
Tags: friends, work
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