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My acting career

So a while back, Andy forwarded me a post about a video shoot that was looking for actors, and he wrote: "Continue your acting career!"
I cracked up, sent them my pseudo headshot, and then forgot about it until I got a "Congratulations!"

And then I panicked. This one I actually had lines, instead of being an extra/background. My scene was the first one to be shot, and in my head I was like "oh shit, I hope I don't mess up, i'm scared, everyone is watching me" and then I said my lines.. awkwardly.. I thought, but they then moved on. It was a video for helping coach corporate managers, so not like ABC's lying game, where there were so many retakes.

Other improvisors like Bolden and Chuy, Cynthia and Megan were there. And it was really funny watching improvisors act. They would stumble because the lines are corporate ridiculous and start laughing. It was really funny. I don't think the videographer thought it was that funny, having to do multiple retakes.

Anyways, so yeah, my new hobby. Sending out my pseudo headshot.
I think I get the gigs because I'm Asian.

In two weeks I will be house managing for the Austin Film Festival. It's going to be bananas and a lot of work.

I also got a random fan mail on flickr today talking about how my work is "phenomenal". I'll know I've arrived when I start getting random hate mail. I already get people flagging my craigslist photo ad, and having it removed. Ah, people.
Tags: acting, work
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