ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Yahoo games

I've recently been playing hearts again, and would log into yahoo games. It is so addictive. But then yahoo games is a very hostile place. If you play in a way that someone thinks is wrong, they'll start cussing you, and calling you names. I think it's part of the online culture.. where it's so easy to insult people because you cannot see their faces. And I find myself getting riled up and then insulting them back. And thanks to my improvisor training, I usually am not at a loss for insults. Hmm.. I guess that is using improv for evil.

The better part of me wishes that I could apply tibetan teachings of loving kindness and feel compassion. Maybe I can use it as a training ground. But most of the time, I find myself just cussing back, and then I feel all riled up. And as satisfying as winning an insult match can be with a stranger, it still leaves me feeling really odd and uncomfortable.

Man. I just want to play hearts and have fun and not have all this cussing.
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