ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

austin film festival

i'm volunteering for austin film festival which is why I've a shiny all access badge.

was standing in line for Martha Mary Marcy May at the Paramount and I chatted up the girl in front of me, and then the girl behind me in line... and then the two of them started talking to each other and ignoring me. We were in line, so I was in the middle. I tried interjecting some questions, they'd either ignore me, or answer me... then continue ignoring me. Then one of their friends showed up, and the other girl got introduced but I didn't. I felt so awkward, I just kind of moved away and turned my back on them.

Then I was trying to figure out what made me not fit in, and what made them choose to just talk to each. I can't feel too bad, because I've been in conversations where I was really interested in someone else and just ignored others, but usually not that blatantly in a 3 person group unless there was some beef. Who the fuck knows.

Then we got into the theatre and I sat down, and this guy sat next to me, and he was the opposite of the girls. He was super friendly and talkative, we chatted up another guy, and it was fun and friendly like a festival in austin should be.

After that I hit up the free wine party, then Andy and I got some Korean bbq from a trailer and we went home.
Tags: film
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