ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

I was having a really great night. I saw Johnny Depp, went to some parties, and was waiting for my husband to pick me up when this dude grabbed my phone from my hands and started running off.

I ran after the guy, and then he turned into an alley and I think my reason kicked in and I stopped chasing.

The thing is, I had my Nikon D80 in my bag, and I guess that would've been a more expensive loss.

I'm eligible for upgrade by Nov 29. So I can do that for $199. So all things considered, it's better to lose the phone then my backup camera.

That said, 9th and Congress is not that unsafe. It's downtown Austin, though it was at 1 am.

I guess you never know.

It does make me feel like Austin is not as safe :(
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