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boardgamegeekcon 2011

So here are some of my reports from BGG con. I played 36 games, some of them repeatedly. What worked for me is playing meaty games during the day and then party games like Dixit or Wackelpudding at night. There's a crazy amount of games available in the library to check out.

This is the list of games I played along with the link to info on each game:

So from the Essen/hot games list:

Kingdom Builder: This is from the guy that made Dominion. And it was a short fun, area control game. I can see how people think it's too dry.

Hawaii - This is a fun resource allocation game. I like the theme.

Vanuatu - was a nasty game in terms of player interactions. You basically screw over other players in your attempt to draw sea turtles and bring tourists over to make victory points. I was very frustrated most of the game, but it's definitely a challenge and I will give it another chance.

Tournay - Same guy as Troyes, though I think Troyes played much better. The art work was pretty much the same, and it's card based. Interesting the first play but I'm not sure it will keep well.

Belfort - One of my favorite meaty games. It was resource allocation with area control. We did learn the rules a little bit wrong, which is a BGGcon thing. Someone learns it from someone and teaches it that way... and it keeps spreading. Still I had fun. It had elves and dwarves.

Dungeon Petz - Same guy as dungeon lords. I actually like it more then dungeon lords but goodness it was fiddly. So many little pieces. Probably work better as a videogame.

Burg Drachengold - This is a kid's game, but would make a great party game. We played it at 2 am, with a bunch of drunk gamers, and it was amazing. I want to buy it if I can find someone to sell it to the US.

Poseidon's Kingdom - Another kid's game but really fun. It was a gorgeous set, and sold for $105! There is a cardboard wave that you tipped and the dice falls into the board.

The Road to Canterbury - Really enjoyable easy game. About the seven sins and pilgrims

Mana - abstract game made of leather.

Mord im Arosa - the game is a tower which makes a hotel. then you drop cubes and listen to it carefully and try to guess which cube ended in which floor.

Village - This game was still a prototype and I enjoyed it, though I think it ended too fast.

Ora et Labora - This is the only game that I really wanted to play that I didn't get a chance to play, it's by the Uwe Rosenburg, the guy who made Agricola. All reports say that it's much better then Le Havre, but it's a long game. So I think I might preorder this. The english version is coming out by z-man in December

Other games that got great reviews that I didn't try: Paris Connection, Helvetia, Upon a Salty Ocean.

Other games worth noting:

Fluffy bunny tea party - designed by austin's own Marc Majcher and I really had a blast playing it. It's like Fluxx, but with a role-playing element.

Undermining - A vendor guy taught us this game and I hated it because the winner is predetermined in like the first 10 mins.

Lumberjack - found it in the gaming library and gave up because the set up was: make a tower of 6 logs each in a circle, and we couldn't even built the tower.

Nacht der Magier and Vampires of the Night - Glow in the dark party game. It was just more fun being in a room with gamers at 2 am in the dark.

Dixit Odyssey - a new expansion which is awesome, it's a party game. I bought this.
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