ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Hello livejournal!

So far, life has been busy. I am now behind by three weddings, after shooting an awesome improv wedding on Saturday. Andy was a guest and he got so drunk!

I'm still adjusting to the money thing... Yesterday I was online shopping at, and then the shopping cart was over $200, and I started to talk myself out of each clothing item until I didn't buy anything. Then I went to a vintage clothing store today and found a nice cheap dress.

And yet I just spent $900 on a new-to-me camera, the D7000. It was a necessity though, Andy is starting to shoot with me more often, and I don't like the quality of photos from the D80. Ah, my first DSLR, how I used to think you were the best camera ever! I can't wait for the D7000 to arrive since it does HD video! Maybe I'll make video posts.

My main recreation is boardgames, and I'm currently addicted to castleville, a facebook zynga game.

However, I really need to start dancing more and doing more physical stuff.
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