ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

An essay on ideas

Today I was working on patent ideas. I came up with several ideas, some of which I was really excited about, but it turns out they were already being sold, or I had already thought of them years back.
1. A foot mouse. Someone laughed when I mentioned it. But it's being sold.
2. Cross OS-platform test utility that records test and is portable. Already sold.
3. Motion password. Hello. There is already a US patent on it.

I really thought the motion password was something no one else had thought about.

Despite my apparently unoriginal ideas, I had a lot of fun. It reminded on what I've read before: 90% of the thoughts that people have each day, are the same thoughts. Thoughts of worry, relationships, being thin, annoyances, likes, etc. All that mental energy doing the same old thing. I use to try to get around that by imagining random things, like a car flying or something that I usually don't think.

There is a thrill to new ideas, and new associations that I personally haven't made before. I think I'm going to try to think up more brilliant ideas.

Some non-work related ones I thought of on my way home:
1. Ability to trick trees to change color to a brilliant autumn despite it not being autumn.
2. A friend/date machine: A giant database of all cool people (that has to have a filter mechanism: college? reference?). You can click "Meet random person"... and the two of you can chat on the phone. People can rate each other based on coolness and stuff. All the cool people in the world, in Texas, that I'm missing out on.
Something better then friendster, more intimate, more real life.
3. A giant cherry. They're too small.
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