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halfway through December!

Oh hello, December is flying by!

Andy and I have been working on our Christmas cards to send out, this year it's his turn to design it. And I told him it soudnds so businesslike! Speaking of which, I'm thinking of designing a separate business holiday card.

Our tree smells amazing, I love the smell of pine. Our cat, Uchi, is fluffy and adorable. I was reading a Greg Bear book and Uchi curled up in front of me and purrred. He's so sweet. I'm in love with my cat.

Work is slowing down, thank goodness. I've one more wedding this weekend and then done till March. There's portrait sessions here and there, but they aren't the editing black hole that weddings seem to be.

I do feel a bit overwhelmed social media-wise. Partly because of Pinterest and Instagram and google reader and tumbler. So... much... stuff.


Dec. 14th, 2011 04:28 pm (UTC)
The one thing that I miss about celebrating Christmas is having a pine tree in my house! I mean, I don't miss finding pine needles in my socks, but the smell was great. I need to find some pine potpourri or something. :)