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Christmas, gifts, work

Oh hello there. Christmas was in Arkansas with the husband's family. The 12.5 hours drive there, and then back, was pretty tortuous. Time seemed to magically slow down. We were in Pocahontas, AR, and it was very, very small town, in the foothills of the ozarks.

Andy's family were as usual pretty welcoming. Andy's Mom gave me my most cherished Christmas gift, a stocking that took her 50 hours to make. Andy gave me some awesome gifts as well, including a print from Etsy, the Uchi cookbook (which really wasn't very practical in terms of ingredients but fun to look at). I think everyone knows that I love uchi and anthropologie since I got several gifts from there. YAY!

So much processed food. Everywhere was cake, bread, pie. I tweeted the food in the dessert table and it took two tweets: apple pie, Reese's pieces pie, orange slice pie, lemon merengue pie, pumpkin pie, cupcakes, almond divinity, brownies, cookies, carrot cake, white cake, coconut bread, pralines, etc

I gave really awesome gifts, if I may say so myself. I made Andy's sister a wedding album, and two parent albums. Andy's Dad looked through them.. and afterwards he said..."This is really good." Hah!

Andy got a barefoot sandal from luna sandals! And the War on Art book. As well as Greenling gift certificates.

I got Andy's Mom photo prints of Grannie Bea and Aunt Faye, and she teared up when she looked through them. Which I think is the best compliment I can get from my photos. The two of them are almost ninety and have several health problems. So I took several photos of them when they were in town in Austin in Feb.

Business: It's theoritically slow season, but I have 3 weddings to edit, 1 portrait session, as well as marketing materials to work on to get ready for booking season in January. Lots of stuff to do.
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