ripresa (ripresa) wrote,


show me the money!

So, I usually get paid 50% balance due a month before the wedding day, but I've no weddings in Jan/Feb, so I'm feeling financially tight.

Sucks. I want sushi.

And Nov/Dec has been slow booking-wise. I've booked one wedding so far in those two months. So ouch. It hurts. But Jan/Feb is also booking season, so hopefully I book at least 4 weddings on those two months. Feb I will be flushed because I've 3 weddings in March. This lack of a regular paycheck takes getting used to.

But now I know... SAVE MONEY for the lean winter months.

I am almost halfway to booking my 2012, 11 out of 25. With two other people saying they want me, but they're waiting on their venue.
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