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random notes

I have a small pepper spray on my purse, and a giant pepper spray at home now. We had a murder in NYE in Austin, and a lot of women in the city is freaked out.

I apparently am addicted to gluten, in baked products. But when I cheat on them, my body tortures me at night with heartburn.

I bought a book about doing core exercises... been having pain in my neck and lower back. I'm getting old. Hopefully these exercises will work.

Yesterday i second shot a wedding for 11 hours.

I love Korean food.

And I bought a Keel's simple diary that I saw at anthropologie.. it's kinda an awesome diary, and I feel less pressure to write a lot. And it's fun. Each page is different, but kinda like this:


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Jan. 16th, 2012 09:59 am (UTC)
*hugs* It makes me cringe, how many are, to some degree, living in fear. Reminds me of how much of a bubble my world is.

Yeah, I get that owning pepperspray doesn't imply that one is necessarily all that fearful, fear may even be the wrong word. But atleast it's a special precaution one takes because one feels that otherwise the risk of becoming a victim to some sort of violent attack would be higher.

I lock my doors too - but not when I'm at home, the precaution isn't against violent attack, but against burglary when I'm out. And even that ain't a high priority - if I discovered 2 minutes after leaving home that I'd forgotten to lock the house up, I wouldn't bother going back to rectify that, I'd just leave it unlocked for the day, I don't consider that much of a risk.

The diary is supercute !
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