ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

I roused myself out of my blues and boredom, and went to Ballet Austin. It turns out it's been since August since I took ballet.

So class kicked my butt so much. But just going back to the building gave me a sense of home and belonging. And a bunch of the teachers waved at me and people asked me where I've been.

There were a bunch of new girls in class though, and I immediately went into female-evaluating mode. Most women know this. It's when we meet another woman and we do an assessment of her. In the ballet world it's: Is she skinnier than me? Is she a better dancer than me? Is she prettier than me? This girl won on all counts and I could feel myself immediately not liking her.

But WAIT STOP! I learned at Foundation that I was supposed to default to liking people. So I concentrated and just tried to feel love to everyone in my class. Then after class, I saw the girl on the floor taking off her pointe shoes, and I said: "You are a beautiful dancer."

And she beamed and smiled at me, and she turned out to be so friendly and nice, and we had a little bit of a conversation where I made her day better and she made my day better.

So wow.

It's still definitely not default mode to be nice... but at least I'm aware and trying to change, yes?
Tags: ballet, best of, foundation
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