ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Day 1 in Costa Rica

Hello livejournal! I am sitting in our lovely villa that we got thru a living social escape deal and it's amazing. We overlook the pacific ocean and we are extremely secluded. For the first half of our trip we are in Mal Pais which is generally not a popular tourist destination.

Our flight from Austin left an hour late became the attendant slept in and we barely made it to the Houston connecting flight.  It took 33 mins to get gate to gate for the Austin to houston flight which was a record. 
Arriving in San Jose we found ourselves tipping a friendly guy who walked us 1.5 blocks to the domestic plane ride we needed to take to the other side of the country.

The tambor airport is like a small field fenced with barb wire with a small runway in the gap of a forest. It was like a videogame landing that airplane.

Then another 45 mins drive before we truly are in the middle of nowhere. The bartender gave us starfruit plucked from the trees and made it into a starfruit margarita. It was amazing.  

We watched sunset and then a lightning storm.

The not so good part: bugs!!! Itch itch.
Tags: costa rica
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