ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Day 3 and 4 in Costa Rica

Day 3 in costa rica
We had a lovely lunch at rasta basta and then we went for our surf lesson.
It was our first time surfing and it was fun. Very hard work but we now know why surfers have amazing bodies. I got to stand up and surf a few times and Andy did a great job. He was a natural at it. Dinner was grilled chicken.

Day 4 in Costa Rica
We went on an atv jungle tour. Andy drove while I hang on from the back. We then had a tour of a butterfly farm from an excellent zoologist who  dropped a small fly into a spider's web do we could see it wrap it in silk. That was pretty amazing. Also saw beautiful blue monarchs.

Then we hiked on the edge of a hill to get to a waterfall where we jumped off a 15 feet cliff to the waters below. It was scary but I did it!

Lunch at montezuma and now we are chilling back at vista de olas. I love the fruit cocktails here: starfruit margarita and the watermelon cocktails.
Tags: costa rica
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