ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

day 10 in costa rica: rehearsal dinner

We checked out of our 5 star hotel: Gaia, and moved to a more reasonable cost one called The Falls resort. It's a simpler but still clean and nice hotel.

We spent the day chilling, and I started reading an Orson Scott Card book called Lost Gate, which has been fun.

Then we walked to Kapi Kapi which was where the rehearsal dinner was. They had 12 guests at the dinner, and I really wanted us to be able to connect to the guests because it was so intimate. I told Andy that his job was to be warm and make friends. Then as the small group of guests arrive, Andy got really surprised, and went: "Whaat?" And it turns out that one of his close friends from high school, who attended our wedding, was there. That was really funny. So they both bonded, and everyone in the wedding seems to be really fun and nice, so I think we're good.

It's definitely rainy season now though, we've had rain pretty frequently but usually just for part of the day. Last night as we were sleeping we had a torrential downpour and it was kinda awesome.
Tags: costa rica, wedding
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