ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

in search of community

... i went to church on sunday. it was one of those contemporary praise and worship type of churchs, the kind i grew up in. with loud music, people dancing, a deep bass guitar and an electronic keyboard. it's a rock band where the main message was love.

i've been going back to ballet class again. which is good because exercise is a keystone habit (one of the habits that lifts up your entire life), but now i am thinking of going to dance camp, even though i had originally decided not to go.

basically this has been a really big expanses year, but we can also consider it a year of big experiences.

i've joined a young adult book club, and it's kinda awesome. it's the most hip and awesome book club i've been. actually i've only been to one other, and it's a science fiction book club and that... was not hip.

i write a lot in my head.
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