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Keep Austin Weird

I was hankering for sushi and we went to a sushi place nearby that usually is pretty quiet for lunch. When I walked in, there was a woman singing, and it turned out I had stumbled into karaoke night, only it was the most crazy karaoke night ever. Every singer gets a sake bomb. If you suck, the MC will hit the gong and you have to get off stage. You still get a sake bomb.

There are multiple flat screen TV, some with chinese kungfu movies, and one with soft core porn, a slideshow of women and boobies ?!?

The MC is this elderly japanese man who very good-naturedly tease people and make inappropriate comments.

Anyways, it was really unexpected and wierd. Thank you, Austin..


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Jul. 13th, 2012 07:17 am (UTC)
Troy spearheaded an outing there once. It was insanity.
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