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I think Roy's facebook post on the NYTimes article on friendships as an adult made me think on the progress I've made recently. I made a post several months ago about being sad that my friends left austin and feeling lonely, but after that realization I made more of an effort to make and revive friendships. Basically it just meant I had to get my butt out the door and go socialize. I work a lot of Saturdays, so I miss major parties, but I could still do a lot of weekday stuff. Also I found unexpected friendships in boardgaming, and I've made one really close friend in photography. Her name is Jenny, and she's awesome. And we've started texting each other all the time, and if we haven't talked to each other in 3 days we're like... it's been ages! Hahaha, I feel like I'm writing about dating. We send each other business referrals when we're booked and she's pretty cool. I've also made other photography friends and last week I hosted a cupcake party for the photog ladies, thanks to Kristin's cupcakes.

So it's happening. I think Austin is an easy place to make friends because everything is so close unlike the Bay Area. I'm still looking for a videogame friend though since Peter left for Google. It's just a matter of investing the time. As an introvert I sometimes just love reading and curling up with my cat, it's a balance.
Tags: boardgames, friends
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