ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Make my pancakes stop turning brown!!

Yesterday the nytimes had 4 recipes on pancakes and a pancake premier, which got me really craving pancakes. So tomorrow I'm going to have several ladies come over for pancakes at brunch. It is going to be an awesome event. I decided to spare the ladies eating burned pancakes and experimented on my own. This resulted in half-cooked pancakes, pancakes that are totally brown and one nearly perfect pancake with a crispy exterior and wasn't burned.

But a lot of my pancakes are turning brown, not necessarily burnt, but too brown. So. How do I stop them from turning brown? I'm using the basic recipe from nytimes. I'm cooking with butter in a steel pan. Should I use non-stick? I don't like non-stick because of possibility of toxins released at high heat. I tried switching butter between pancakes but that only helped a bit. Is the heat too high? It's set on low. Should I just switch to vegetable oil? Hrmpf.

Investigating the pancake problem. Good issue to have for a vacation day.
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