ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

First Class: doing it all wrong

So when I booked my flight to Pittsburgh, I thought something was wrong with the software to allow me to choose front seats, but apparently you can get first class seats with just 25000 miles!

So I booked a flight and then totally forgot I was first class today. I checked in a bag and saw that I could check in 3 bags and was confused. It took me a while after I got my boarding pass to register that I was first class. Then, the security line was 25 minutes long. And I waited in there, and only found out hours later that I did not have to stand in line and could've used the shorter line.

Then when I boarded since I was late, there was a sleeping lady on my seat and she was sleeping on the guy's shoulder. So I gave up my seat and ended up in an aisle seat, which I don't like since I prefer to lean into and sleep on the window side. To add injury, the seat I gave up had much more legroom.

So I fumed for a while and considered making the woman move from my seat and I was super grumpy and just couldn't seem to let it go. And I was like seriously, I need to get over that woman being on my seat. But my mind was on a negative resentment loop "I rarely fly first class, that couple looks rich and prob fly all the time." and I actually prayed and asked God to help me get over it.

Since I was bored I started talking to the guy next to me. Where are you going? What kind of trip? And then what do you do?

And it turns out that of all things, he was an art buyer and manages photoshoots for a big firm. Also he ended up being the funniest guy and we both cracked each other up so much and started riffing off each other. The flight passed so quickly and we hugged each other before we parted, with each other's business cards.

What a strange world.

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