ripresa (ripresa) wrote,


on the diet front, i've been experimenting with a bunch of stuff to lose weight. i gave up sugar (mostly) for 4 days and on the fourth day I broke down and ate a bunch of candy and stuff. So strict elimination diets just doesn't last long with me.

then I read a book called Fit2Fat2Fit. It's about a personal trainer who decided to gain 50 lbs in 6 months because he wanted to know why his clients had such a hard time sticking to a diet and workout plan. He thought that if people just decided and choose to lose weight, they would. So he ended up gaining 75 lbs, and had self-esteem issues and his wife had to rub stretch mark lotions over his belly and he got addicted to mountain dew and junk food. But when the 6 months was up, he did lose the weight, and it was a process that helped him figure out what trips out his clients and stuff. It was a fast read, and it had a recipe for a spinach protein powder shake. He drinks it every morning. So inspired, I made one this evening. Ingredients:

- Protein Powder
- 2 spoons of peanut butter
- banana
- almond milk
- ice
- Fresh spinach (he recommend 3 cups but I had no room in my tiny blender so I used about 1 cup of spinach)

I had it before I workout and my appetite was super suppressed. I think it was because I chose Whey powder as the protein and apparently whey is also an appetitie suppressant.
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