ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

hello livejournal!

So the past two months have been sort of a vacation, whre i was never really caught up on work. I'm finally wrapping up my last wedding and I'm caught up! Except my season starts on Saturday.

Most of my relaxation has been happening on:
- reading! I've been reading a lot! mostly because I've just recently discovered that the Young Adult section contains a lot of materials I love: angels, sci-fi, fantasy, magic, and romance. I've joined the Austin Young Adult book club which meets in a vintage airstream at red's porch. they are awesome.
- Tiny Heroes: this is an iphone app that I got super addicted to. It's so FUN. And the first two dungeons are free if you want go get addicted....
- thinking about fitness. hahaha, yeah, more thinking then doing. but i've started doing Randoms Acts of Exercise. Like right now I'm going to stop.. *does 15 jumping jacks* or little exercises while I'm brushing my teeth. I've experimented with giving up sugar... and also giving up dairy (saperately). So far I'm still off dairy, not sure how much longer that will last. Spinach smoothies!
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