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ballet austin fete

The Fete was such good times. It was a glimpse into the high society of Austin. Basically each year Ballet Austin throws a Fete, it's $100 per ticket for the party, and $500 per ticket for the dinner. I go to the party and when I can I come as a guest of a company member. Though the moment I got in, I got suckered into a fundraiser and did end up giving some money to the ballet. It was $100 to get a bottle of champagne and a surprise kendra scott jewelry (which is a pretty expensive jewelry) so I figured it was worth it to support ballet austin.

The party was at the Driskell, which is expensive, but I'm assuming most of the vendors gave their services for free or discounted. There was paella and fried rice and wontons and an open bar. A cigar and a scotch bar which got my friend Ed totally wasted. And this time interestingly, a lot of the students at the community school came, and one of them apparently bid on the Mother Ginger and won it (for 3500). Clearly, the Ballet knows how to fundraise. I've teased Andy about Improv needing to appeal to the gentry so they can fundraise more.

Anyways, for me it was dancing, food and hanging out with dancers. Some of the adult dancers have been doing private pointe classes, which I didn't hear about till then. And it makes me happy that a community of adult ballet dancers have formed in Austin.

After the fete we hung out at Cru wine bar with one of the board of directors, which was a really young lawyer guy that was into one of my friends.

We were out till 3 am, and now I need to get ready for a drive to San Antonio to shoot a wedding. Which sucks timing wise since it meant I had to moderate my drinking last night.
Tags: ballet, photography
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