ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Level 1 Improv

So I'm taking Level 1 improv for the third time now... The first time was with Shana Merlin, and then several years later I took it at the Hideout, where Andy and I got to know each other... and this time I'm taking it with Andy again. It's mostly to reconnect with Andy and improv.

The class is a really good group, very competent and maybe only a handful seemed to be new performers. I found myself really comfortable, which is different from my previous level 1s. And when I discovered that I wasn't really afraid, I started to take risks and not premeditate as much. And let my mouth open without a plan in my head, and it was a lot of fun.

It was also fascinating to see people trying to be funny. Andy was teaching the "failure bow". In improv, when you mess up, you take a bow and say "I fail!" And people clap for you. It teaches you to embrace failures and take risks. But some of the people would try to be funny and instead of saying "I fail!", they would try to say something elaborate, or bow really elaborately.

The thing that actually bothered me most was the mirror that covered one side of the class room, and I kept looking at myself. Especially since the student seats faced the mirror. It reminded me of ballet class, which is constant checking of your body and body awareness that I didn't want to have in improv class. I noticed other students checking themselves out as well. Then I started having major self-esteem body issues. But I'm working on it, been counting calories and working out.
Tags: body, improv
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