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crumbs of praise

So yesterday I went to Arletta's Intermediate/advanced ballet class. Which I haven't been in a while, and what a terrible class it was for me. I was awful. Stumbling out of my turns... giving up on combinations and feeling like a dufus. Also, there was a new pianist and he played every tune with a heavy hand and too many notes. Like every exercise was a march of the Valkyrie! Towards the end of class, I saw my friend Michael watching through the glass window. Oh great. He came to me after the class ended and said: "You were so graceful, I forgot how good you are!" And I'm like, uhm.... no. And he said: "No, really, you were holding your own." Anyways, I really doubt that, since there were so many graceful, lissome dancers in that class.

So today, I went to Chris' elementary ballet class. It was much easier. And I had that rare feeling like you sometimes do at ballet. Where you feel strong, and you can sense your alignment is correct. And I knew I was on, because I almost did a double pirouette. My almost double pirouettes happen when my body is stacked correctly and I'm usually surprised to find myself making another turn because I had enough momentum and balance. The teacher saw my almost pirouette and he said, "That's it, Nadine!" Which is enough to make me go all happy and gleeful. Crumbs of praise from ballet teachers are treasured nuggets.

The last thing he did was teach us emboites, and I almost got it but didn't really and people giggled good naturedly about my attempts at improvising and faking the step. I didn't mind since I could sense the good naturedness, and the teacher was invested in making me do it. And correction is always good in class.

So I feel good. Some classes you feel terrible, some classes you feel good. But overall, dance is a euphoric drug.
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