ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

New York

I'm about to travel again, but have been amiss in not blogging about NYC while I was there.

There is something so alive and vibrant about New York City! In the November chill air, with people rushing back and forth. So much humanity. It makes me feel alive.

- We saw the Daily Show the day after the election. We actually stood for hours on election night, they told us we were going to get in, but stopped us about 3 tickets from the door. It was so depressing. We were sad and depressed and went home sad. We got in the next day though. My feet got wet since I was wearing fabric shoes. We were in a snow blizzard.
- Jon Stewert is short and the set is small! He was as likable and even funnier in person.
- We went to Sleep No More. It was amazing, one of the best theatre experiences I've ever had. Interactive theatre is my favorite.
- We ate a lot of good chinese food. I introduced Andy to soup dumplings.
- I went to a sing-a-long labyrinth show with Jim Henson's daughters.
- Discovered Uniqlo, a superior Japanese retail store, apparently the largest in the world? Discount chain.
- We stayed on 32nd and 2nd Avenue, the Murray Hill neighorhood in a really nice condo.
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