ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

it's been a busy week of holiday parties: the annual photog gift exchange where i ended up with a home-made knit cap that has a beard/mustache. Best white elephant gift ever.

Also went to Yule Revel, my first local SCA event in a while, it was interesting meeting old faces, and feeling strangely loved by old friends.

Hung out with the gay couple that owns the venue where we got married, they have a really nice house in 78704 and I got major house envy.

And the last was at the ballet ladies group, which was super duper fancy.

I'm not sure why the older I get, the more I let people's judgement of appearance affect me. Shouldn't it be the reverse? Younger me never really cared what people think.

Anyways, older me does seem to have more friends. Who knows. Confused.
Off to a sock hop at Shangri-la.

Also started Halo 4.
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