ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

santa rampage!

So it was a busy saturday, I shot a wedding in Wimberly Texas.
Since my Christmas eve wedding canceled (my first cancellation!), I'm now done with weddings for the season!

I was happy at the close out wedding, I had given the couple a discount since it was December and they only had 22 people at their wedding. It was super super intimate. He's a filmmaker that worked on Pineapple express and other movies, and he was super nice. The bride was a few months pregnant, and in the middle of the ceremony got dizzy and had to sit down, and the ceremony was paused for a moment, and I could see her loved ones touching her, and taking care of her. It was very sweet.

Since the wedding was short, I got to go home by 9 pm and then Andy and I went downtown for Santa Rampage! It was so fun. I love the Burner community because of their commitment to silliness. We went around town, and danced and drinked and joined Andy's college friends and hung out with them. I got to talk to Andy's ex for the longest I've had, she and Andy are still good friends and it was nice to get to connect to her.

So yay.
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