ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

last day of the world

So if yesterday was my last day before the apocalypse, it was pretty lovely.
First, I had to get my car to the shop for new tires. But Andy was home for quite a bit, so we got to hang out.
Thursday is our date nights, and he insisted on taking me somewhere fancy, even though I said Korean bbq would be fine. So we tried Perla's for the first time. It truly is one of the best seafood restaurants in Austin. We had:
- an amazing octopus appetizer
- fried oysters
- crab cake
- mac and cheese with 4 diff type of cheeses.
- a whole loup de mer (sea bass) which was grilled to crispy perfection. We ate it with our hands like good asians.
- andy had a delicious earl gray tea and vodka hot toddy while I had a refreshing gin, st germaine cocktail.

Then we walked around south congress and I bought myself a nice kendra scott earring.
Then we got home and cuddled while watching the season 4 finale of true blood.

It was one of the nicest date nights we've had in a while :)
fuzzy warm feelings.
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