ripresa (ripresa) wrote,


So January is going to be me on a exercise crack. The first weekend is a mini-intensive with Ballet Austin, for adult intermediate dancers. That's going to be fun, and then after that I'm doing a 5 day personal boot camp is which 3 hours of exercise per day. And I'm also part of a 2 month insanity/beach body challenge.

Also, it's slow season for weddings, so I will have time to just focus on me.

The Nike Fuel band is doing it's job... They have a 2000 points goal for normal activity, 3000 for somewhat active and 4000 to 5000 for the super athletic people. Mine is at 3000 and to reach it I have to do some booty dancing periodically. It has social media support, so you can see your friends points. Right now I only have 2 friends though I got my 2 close friends to get it... the more the merrier:
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