ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

mini weekend intensive

i'm doing a mini ballet intensive, just two days. today was half day and tomorrow is a full day.

anyways, in class today, i just found the teacher so slow... it was billed as intermediate ballet class, but there were some ballet noobs in there, and he was constantly correcting them and I got super duper bored. too slowww. i think i'm super spoiled by my favorite class on monday/wednesdays where the teacher is funny and gives fun combinations, and the pianist plays the best music.

everything was plodding along.
yes, i'm now the grumpy ballet dancer who complains about noobs. took me 12 years to get here.

after that we did jazz funk which i was relegated back to spazzed newbie status. i just don't have the physical vocabulary for it. it was super fun though, and even though i looked like a spazz i had a really great time.

tomorrow the schedule looks insane. ballet technique for 1.5 hours, variations 1 hr, pilates 1 hr, musical theatre 1 hr and another ballet technique class for 1.5 hours. not sure i'm doing every single class.

i've been working out like a fiend. i better start losing inches soon!
Tags: ballet
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