ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

wild tuesday

i had a pretty fun tuesday night, it started with ballet in a crowded room. and then my ballet friend ed and i went to g'raj mahal, which is an indian food trailer, but it was closed! so we ended up at El Naranjo, which is one of those authentic mexican places that have queso that is solid and stringy. so delicious.

then we were at icenhause for kaci's birthday and so much drinking. i think i drank 5 drinks total which is a lot for me, thankfully andy was driving. and i didn't sleep till 3:30 am. but i had a good time, i don't really drink that much often at all.

it's fascinating watching your friends grow old. some seem to barely age, like kaci, and i'm surprised to hear that they're already 26 instead of 18. while others looked like they had aged rapidly over a year.

i found more white hairs recently and it got me morbid for a bit. but also determined to live life and devour experiences.

life is so short. and time is the most precious things we have.

there is something that andy and i want to do and we're targetting 2014 for it: do the multi-day hike to macchu pichu.
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