ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

the crouch residence

we said we were going to make them breakfast this morning, i figure i could make them the pancakes and the sausage i made for the ladies brunch. so we had to wake up early, and the grandma or grandaunt was complaining about the time and that it was late. we made the sausages, but it didn't turn out as well. i think the food processor is to blame, plus all their low-fat and low-sodium ingredients. hrmpf. to cook, one should use whole original ingredients. but they seem to like the sausages.

however, the pancakes came out even fluffier and more awesome. though the first one i made was burnt and the inside uncooked and grandma bea kept insisting on eating the first pancake, and then criticized it. afterwards as i continued cooking them, i heard the grudging words: "not bad".. which eventually turned into "good" and then "delicious". what cracked me up was that towards the end, grandma bea insisted on cooking some pancakes so she could show me a perfect looking pancake. i teased her about it though, the pancake wasn't a perfect circle.. but it was rather good. i like that this family you can tease and be blunt.

cooks illustrated fluffy pancake. highly recommended. i may just have to subscribe to that magazine after all.

we're heading back to austin today, i'm looking forward to be back but am surprisingly reluctant to leave.
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