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i've been posting quite a bit of private entries lately, because i'm traveling and being in a saperate environment makes me think and do a bunch of soul searching.

but basically, foundation workshop ended well. my slideshow kicked butt. i got so many compliments it actually got uncomfortable. and i could see people moving me into a higher bracket of photographer in their eyes. it made me almost cry when one of my mentors teared up and said, "I didn't expect to meet someone like you." and he said i have a natural eye and i need to trust it.

the last day of foundation was as usual full of tears, celebration, humbling moments and inspiration. unlike last year, i was one of the students that kicked butt and produced a slideshow that people remembered and think about.

anyways, on the inside i've been dealing with a lot of thinking about the person i am, the person i want to be. and learning to calm myself. this whole photography society thing is challenging, there are so many cliques and different groups and expectations and i think also a lot of people observing. i think to be a great photographer you have to be a great people watcher, and sometimes i find myself wondering what they think when they watch me. which andy can tell you in general, i don't really care what people think. but there are a few people here that i very much respect and want the to think well of me.

this coming week is foundation 11b, and i'm still here in glen rose, tx. i will be an assistant to a staff member, pretty much lowest totem pole person. and i will be switching to a role where i take care of the students and take care of the staff, so it will be a really really good exercise in people watching and self-discipline.



Feb. 12th, 2013 12:21 am (UTC)


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