ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

3 years

Andy got us a cute B&B in Fredericksburg, TX for our third year anniversay. It's a little psuedo German town populated by German settlers.

He wanted to stay 2 nights, but I told him one night! I feel anxious leaving the house with a bunch of stuff that needs doing. And Andy has been stressed out over his Shakespeare shows and improv obligations. In fact on the way out of town he had to be on the phone talking to people over casting decisions. Casting drama.

But once we settled into our B&B, it was kinda nice just chilling with him, and spending time together with less distractions. So I made the call to do a second night here. Once I'm traveling it's fine. It's the preparing to travel that is stressful.

Last night we had dinner at Cabernet Grill, for some delicious American fare. Then we went into the hot tub, there were no other guests since it was a Wed night and Andy naked hottubbed. I wore a swimsuit because it just didn't feel private enough since we were downtown ish.
Tags: andy, travel
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