ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

sugar and stuff

I gave up white sugar and grains today. Just for today to see how I would feel. I was pretty sure I was gonna fail, but I managed to distract myself through 2 episodes of Doctor Who and working on some graphic design stuff. I am addicted to sugar. I think about chocolate candy and baked goods and creamy hazelnut filling. I want a sugar iced chai from star bucks, or a crunchy wafer filled with chocolate. No grains meant none of my usual rice today for lunch. Instead I made some sort of broccoli/avacado mix as a side to my meat. I guess it's okay. I'm okay. I just think about food more then I normally would. I wish I could make this more a regular thing. I'm thinking of implementing sugar free days 3 times a week. I was thinking about how some people get hooked on drugs or cigarettes, and I think: what poor life choices. But I have the same poor life choice in that my drug of choice is sugar.
Tags: diet
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